The Football Trading Club is an interactive signal service where I send you my high probability trades before I take them, giving you the chance to make money by following what I do

"I would have gone half stake and probably cashed out, got 2x what I would have by following your advice"


The Football Trading Club is unique football signal service, where not only will you receive a constant stream of high probability, reliable trading and betting tips, but you will also receive all of the statistics and reasoning behind the ideas, which in the long run will allow you to make money betting or trading football completely independently.

Although I am more than happy to help you make money through my football tipping service, I get far more satisfaction seeing my students stand on their own two feet and create the life they have always dreamed of, all by themselves.

This is the reason I have structured my football tipping service this way. In the beginning or for as long as you like, you can make money simply by following my trade ideas and tips. In the long run, by following what I tell you to do and digesting the why I make the bets or trades that I do, you can learn my strategies and then use them by yourself.

My trade ideas are delivered every Friday via email giving you enough time to study the selections and prepare for the trading weekend ahead.

If you have struggled to make money trading previously, this is an absolute MUST. Let me pick all of the high probability trades for you!

"I only managed to make time on three week-days to trade this week and made a profit of 12.5% on each of the days. A total 37.5% of my bank return for my three days trading​​​​​​​"


Although I provide you all of the information and strategies I use to make money through my constant stream of profitable football tips. You have to remember that this is a tipping service and not a Football Trading Course, hence a certain amount of foundation Betfair trading knowledge is required.

I would of course like to hold everyone’s hand through the process of opening your accounts, placing your trades, managing your positions and ultimately learning the basics of football trading, but the reality is that this is just not practical.

So when you join my service please bare in mind, that basic knowledge of Betfair trading is assumed.

If you are not comfortable with this I would suggest you start with my market leading football trading course “The Complete Football Trader” before you sign up to the football tipping service.

Don’t worry, I am not going anywhere and neither are the football markets, so please take as long as you need to ensure this service is of benefit to you.


Each and every Friday you will receive an email that will contain a file that details all of my trade ideas for the trading round ahead. The report will contain a list of viable strategies for each game. 

The great news is that you will receive these tips all year round. We don’t stop when the other European leagues finish in the summer, instead we turn our attention to the US, Asian and Scandinavian leagues that tend to kick into action just as the European leagues wind down for their summer break.

This service is perfect for new or struggling traders, as you will be able to learn from the trades that I pick and perhaps in the long run be in a position to venture out on your own and make money from your own ideas.

As an added bonus you will also get to jump on a webinar with me once a month where I walk you through the selection process live on air, giving you the chance to not only see how it is done, but also ask any questions you may have to further enhance your skills.

Ultimately you will get to see what I do , before I do it, which should allow you to replicate my results and make money from your football trading and betting.

"Alex isn't afraid to tell you it how it is and is always ready to lend a hand. He will put his money where his mouth is and trade real time with you. You can't ask for more than that​​​​​​​"


As a member of the Football Trading Club you will also have access to my proprietary trading software “Trade The Stats”. 

Trade The Stats is unparalleled in its ability to de-cypher complicated statistics and display them in an easy to understand, visual way that will allow you to find high probability trades in a matter of seconds.

My biggest problem when I started trading these markets was the sheer volume of opportunities that you are presented with and the fact that there was not one place that I could go to for all of the information that I needed to make profitable trading decisions.

As a result I decided to hire a development team to bring together all of the information that I needed, to help me make money trading the football markets.

Whether you are looking for team form, goal scoring stats, or even information about how many times a team has come from behind to win or draw a game, Trade The Stats has you covered. 

In fact I even have a prediction bot that will identify high probability trades for you as well.

Of course the pre-match aspect is only half the battle. To be truly successful as an in-play football trader you also need fast and comprehensive data about how the match is playing out in real time.

That is where my in-play data engine really comes into it’s own. The engine scan’s hundreds of leagues around the world and thousands of games to highlight high probability trading opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have found.

In addition to the usual in-play data that you can get with any bookmakers app, Trade The Stats also has the “Match Meter” which takes all of the relevant in-play data and gives you an easy to understand reading about how the match is playing out, allowing you to see who is most likely to score the next goal, or if you shouldn’t trade the game at all because there isn’t much attacking action going on.


Who Is Alex Ong

I have been trading the financial markets (Forex, Stocks & Futures) since 2005 and the football markets since 2017. I believe my considerable trading experience has helped me to transition and ultimately excel in the football trading arena.

Trading football matches is infinitely more straight forward than other financial markets, and now I consider the football markets to be my main arena to trade in.

I put my own money at risk everyday to derive an income from football betting and trading and now I want to help you do the same. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but it is a fantastic opportunity to make a first or second income from the comfort of your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Join me today and let me help you make some money!

What Is The Investment?

You can join my Football Trading Club (tipping service) for just £159 per month


On the left hand side you will see just a few of my live trade examples to demonstrate what you could be making in no time at all.

I do not win every trade, but I win more than enough to make a very healthy income from my trading and you could to.

When you sign up you will be joining a bustling community of traders, all of whom are making money right now from my tips and signals.

This service could literally be the thing that changes your life for the better forever. Don’t waste another moment and join the community of profitable traders today.

"For me the signal service has been invaluable, it’s not only the support and guidance provided but the learning experience and rapid rate of learning is phenomenal"